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May 12, 2017

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India Outbound

May-June 2017

If the idea is to have a carefree and relaxed holiday, then this summer, buy these basic accessories that have been remodelled for a hassle-free holiday.

Hammock seat 

Hammock seat

Relaxed afternoons and even mellower evenings, summer holidays for many are just about watching the time pass by while lying on a hammock and savouring the sweetness of doing nothing. But, while kids get comfy in the space of compact hammocks, adults and particularly plus size people don’t find them very pleasing. Get your hands on a hammock swing chair that is specifically crafted for adults and can take up to 100 kg weight. Backed with soft cushions, it’s even more comfortable than regular hammocks. Take it with you to the hills or the beach and swing your summer away.

Price: INR 2,500

Waterproof backpack with cover for DSLR camera



Imagine a convertible bag that can be used everyday for regular purposes and can also be transformed into a DSLR-friendly travel bag, when required. Just unzip the middle compartment and you’re good to go. A removable customisable padded divider set has a holding space for two DSLR cameras and two to five lenses. With a removable inner bag for protecting your camera and a rain cover, it is fully equipped for the summer adventures of photographers.

Price: INR 3,000

Nature-rich face wipes

Nature rich face wipes

Cucumber, tea-tree, vitamin E, lemon essence… face wipes are packed with all sorts of natural ingredients to suit your skin type. And, these added natural ingredients are rather necessary during summer when the sun rays are the harshest and can easily damage your skin. Buy a pack of one of these and stash it in your bag; you won’t regret this simple purchase.

Price: INR 500

Playful sunglasses 


A day out under the summer sun is difficult without a pair of sunglasses; and, there is probably no other time better than a summer holiday to flaunt a pair of quirky, colourful shades. Imagine a yellow and white-coloured frame fastened to a quirky chain that’s hanging loosely around your neck; a rose-tinted glass set in a hexagonal frame; or a big, bold, blue-coloured frame to go with denims; summer is the season to experiment with styles and a holiday is just the right time. Invest in a pair of playful sunglasses to give an edge to the cool summer apparel.

Price: INR 1,000 onward

Airy body mist


We are not recommending expensive perfume bottles that you might fear breaking or losing on carefree summer breaks. It is all about keeping it light and hassle-free. Body mists are mildly fragrant and lighter in weight than perfumes because of the quantity of water in them. They also have lesser oil in them, which keeps them airy and light. Mists are hardly strong-scented and can thus be applied again and again to make one feel constantly refreshed. The fragrances range from cherry blossom and peach to moringa and Indian night jasmine.

Price: INR 800-2,000

Beach blanket


Summers should be about laid-back evenings at the beach while sipping margaritas and swaying to classical jazz; but, what most people battle with on a beach trip is either shedding sand off their mats or keeping towels from becoming damp and stinky. For a hassle-free time, switch to nylon parachute material sheets instead of jute ones or cotton towels. These are compact, durable and never get that mildew smell that other fabrics do. Available in different dimensions, the colourful variants of them add the drama required to the all brown sand.

Price: INR 1,500-3,000

Packable hat


While hats make for classic style statements, they are an essential accessory for the ones planning to spend their summer days out and under the sun. But, the big hats are difficult to pack and carrying them around is nothing but a hassle. What if you could pack one in your luggage and use it only when needed? This one is designed with all those needs and necessities in mind and what’s more, it promises to never get bent out of shape when in luggage. Scrounge it online.

Price: INR 2,000-5,000

Technologically-equipped travel bags


This one is for the tech savvy people who just cannot do without their phones and tablets and travel wrapped in wires and cables. Although ‘smart luggage’ is still in its infancy, some ‘connected’ bags have made their way into stores. With bluetooth carry-on, charging plugs, GPS screens, inside lighting system, fingerprint IDs, trip-info data recorders etc, there is just so much these bags provide. While some are big and will have room for other items along with your beloved gadgets, others are small enough to be tucked in handbags and are apt for charging phones and iPads.

Price: INR 10,000-40,000



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