A day trip to the Mekong Delta

Experience life with the locals

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November 9, 2017

/ By / Can Tho, Vietnam

A day-trip to the Mekong Delta sailing across the Mekong River in Vietnam is one of the most coveted itineraries for story-seekers, travel enthusiasts and for those looking to discover the unseen aspects of this Southeast Asian country.

One of the iconic experiences of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam is sailing on a narrow boat locally known as the do che and their journey through the thick mangrove forests that connect the islands. As a quintessential traveller looking to adapt to local experiences and spend more on nature than luxury, the varied glimpses of this delta has more to offer than just activity tours found on tour guidebooks.

Match that with local food, amateur music, exotic drinks and interaction with the locals of the two islands, Phoenix and Unicorn – watch this short video account to explore and unfold the life of the people in the Mekong Delta…



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