A tribute to Indian maestro Jagjit Singh by Jatinder Sharma

Following the path of a Ghazal legend


January 6, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

Ghazals are the poetic couplets written mostly in the memory of beloved. When these rhymes are sung by the legendry voices like the late maestro, Jagjit Singh, listeners are transported to a world of love, loss and beauty.

In a tribute to this legendary singer, Jatinder Sharma, an Indian-origin financial expert from Las Vegas, has come up with a debut album called ‘Nazrana’.

Jatinder Sharma, born in Jalandhar, Punjab, inherited the singing skills from his grandmother who used to sing bhajans (Hindu devotional hymns). Jatinder grew up listening to the ghazals of Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali, but no one inspired him by the singing style and compositions as the great Jagjit did.

Untrained in classical singing, his passion for ghazal made him learn the art from Tauseef Akhter, one of Jagjit’s eminent disciples. Sharma, in an exclusive conversation with Media India Group, talks about the current trends in ghazal within India and abroad.



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