Afghani culture in Delhi

A peek into the “Little Kabul” of South Delhi


August 30, 2019

/ By and / New Delhi

Afghani culture in Delhi, India is known for its rich cultural diversity and ethnic groups all over the world.

The age-old Indian saying “Athithi Devo Bhava”, literally equates the position of a guest to God. Although most of us are aware of the different Indian cultures thriving amidst the state boundaries, there are also a few international communities which consider India to be their homeland.

One such example lies in the Bhogal area of Lajpat Nagar which has been home to thousands of refugees from Afghanistan. It has been years since they migrated from their homeland and settled in the southern patches of Delhi. Today, India is no less than a home to them and they have created a new life for themselves in this part of Delhi that is known to many as ‘Mini Kabul’.

While some are studying in the universities of Delhi, a few have set up their small businesses in the adjoining markets. A new shade of Afghani colour has enhanced the beauty of Delhi’s cultural canvas.

As the evening strikes, the community parks are seen with kids playing together while ignoring the differences the borders have created.



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