Ajit Doval: National Security Advisor

September 17, 2019

/ By / New Delhi

Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor to Narendra Modi reappointed for his second term, is a Kerala-cadre IPS officer and was the first police officer to be awarded the Kirti Chakra, one of the highest gallantry awards only given to military men, due to his contribution to the country.
Doval actively involved in anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram had won over 6 of the 7 commanders of the Mizoram National Army. It was Doval again who persuaded Kuka Parray, founder of J&K Awami League, a counter insurgency movement which supported terrorists, to assist Army’s counter insurgency efforts.
He has not only stayed undercover in Pakistan for 7 years but even convinced terrorists that he was an ISI agent to carry out Operation Black Thunder successfully!
Doval was the main negotiator with the terrorists during IC814 hijack in Kandahar and has been involved in termination of all 15 airplane hijacks that took place between 1971-99. He is the man PM Modi trusts more than anyone else not only on national security but also on foreign relations. The government’s hard approach to terrorism and hostile countries is all based on his popular ‘Doval Doctrine’.



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