Alchemy of Colours in New Delhi

A Mystic collection of Art by Indian artist, Rajesh Baderia


July 13, 2016

/ By / New Delhi

Delhi-based Indian artist, Rajesh Baderia drives you deep into the ocean of mysticism with the magic of colours on black canvases. An engineer by profession, Rajesh creates a gem of art works that takes you through the rough lines of mythology to the world of Spiritualism through his paintings.

Baderia’s latest exhibition “Alchemy of Colours”, at New Delhi’s India Habitat Centre is a wonderland of abstract paintings for Art lovers and Art collectors. Use of bold and vivid colours with the abstract religious symbols like the Sri Yantra or David’s star makes his paintings unique. With 22 new paintings, Baderia’s latest show has received an overwhelming response at the most prestigious art gallery in the Indian capital.

Rajesh Baderia, a man with a golden brush, has so far participated in 14 solo and several more group exhibitions throughout the world. His works have been loved and appreciated in various countries such as the United States, France and Spain.

Despite having displayed and travels to different parts of the world, Rajesh Baderia has kept his paintings firmly rooted in India and influenced by its vast cultural diversity.

He has displayed the drive and persistence to convince his fans that a lot more magic of mystic art will be seen in near future, here in India and abroad also.



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