Amar Mahal Palace

A surviving settlement of the bygone era


October 7, 2017

/ By / Jammu

Before its independence, Jammu was the capital for the powerful kings of the Dogra dynasty. Though those elaborate times may have ended, some of their palaces remain the city’s most captivating sights.

The Amar Mahal Palace in Jammu was constructed in the 1890s for Raja Amar Singh, a king of the Hindu Dogra dynasty that formed the royal house of Jammu and Kashmir.

Built on the lines of French architecture, the palace was converted into a museum in 1975 and a library of around 25,000 antique books, with various exhibits including a gold throne, miniature paintings, and many rare art collections.

Through a large collection of portraits of the royal family, which are also on display inside the museum, the place depicts the life of king Amar Singh and his family.

Constructed in European castle style with red sandstone, the palace has sloping roofs with tall towers. So much so, it was once the tallest building in Jammu.



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