An Interview with Bhupesh Joshi, Director and CEO, Club One Air

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January 23, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

While the aviation sector in India is growing in leaps and bounds, the commercialisation of air travel is also reaching newer heights. In the last two years, the air travellers in India marked over 20 pc growth, which in itself is a good sign. The industry experts predict the same growth over the next few more years. Media India Group interviewed Bhupesh Joshi, CEO and Director, Club One Air, to explore the new trends and developments in the aviation and private jet segment of the industry.

Club One Air has placed itself as private jet operators in India and serves the corporate sector, and is already operating in more than 100 airports. They also serve the industries that want to do business out of these areas.

Indian aviation and private jet sector hold a great potential in India. With a little more seriousness from the government to provide an ecosystem, wherein the industry can offer the services of global standard, India is bound to flourish over the coming years.



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