An interview with the Ghalib experts

A poetic legacy of 200 years and counting!


December 29, 2019

/ By and / New Delhi

Mirza Ghalib, one of the greatest poets of all times, is amongst the greatest gifts from the 18th century. Equally well-versed in both Persian as well Urdu, Ghalib was way ahead of his time. Once an important nobelty of Delhi, as well as a royal tutor, Ghalib had been writing soul stirring poetry since the young age of 11.

Though, the world lost this personified version of a poetry 150 years ago, his works are loved and studied even today.

Let’s know more about the jewel from Dr Aadesh Tyagi and Dr Kuldip Salil. While Tyagi did his PhD in the relevance of Ghalib in contemporary times, Salil has not only translated several of Ghalib’s works but has been teaching his works in the University of Delhi for many years now.



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