Chantaboon Waterfront Community in Thailand

An artsy and historical promenade

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May 8, 2018

/ By / Chanthaburi

If you are looking for authenticity in Thailand, head towards its small towns. One such town is  located three hours from the busy capital city of Bangkok and is knows as the Chanthaboon Waterfront Community, where the locals have been living for generations.

 This old street on the Chanthaburi Riverbank was initially a trading center, about 2 centuries ago. The architecture of the old wooden houses is a testimony to the various artistic and cultural influences from China, Vietnam, Portugal and France.

The community is mainly composed of elderly people who fight everyday to preserve the beauty and history of the site. They run restaurants, shops selling fresh fish, tailor shops, boutique cafés and art galleries.You will also come across many artisans working on traditional crafts such as lantern-making. A few mural paintings can also be found.

Its almost like time stands still here. One can spend hours interacting with the locals, discovering the intricate architecture and of course taste the local delicacies, like the elephant trunk banana.A wonderful, artsy and historical promenade that is worth the detour as it brings forth a less explored side of Thailand with its truly local flavor.



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