Colours of India – Issue n°17 – August 2017

A tourism video magazine by MIG TV


August 14, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

This August, MIG TV brings you yet another fascinating issue of Colours of India.

From the location of the infamous Kalinga war to the famous rock cut caves, the state of Odisha gives us a chance to start our journey on an adventurous note.

Adventure needs to be followed by hearty food and so we head to the Indian capital New Delhi to gorge on mouthwatering parathas and refreshing lassi. In need for a walk after the delicious food, we roam the streets of Old Delhi while taking in the vibrant kites on display at the various shops. The kites strike out during this time of the year as Indian Independence Day is around the corner and kite-flying is an activity that a lot of Indian’s indulge in especially during this time.

And finally we head to International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in the town of Mayapur, located in rural Bengal. Mayapur, a land where Krishna consciousness is dominant is an ideal place for a religious and spiritual awakening.

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