Colours of India – Issue n°19 – October 2017

A tourism video magazine by MIG TV


October 7, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

MIG TV brings to you, yet another issue of our monthly video-magazine, Colours of India.

This October, we commence our journey with a visit to the Mall Road in Shimla, capital of the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, that was constructed during the British colonial rule in the country. Today, with its state library, Christ church, restaurants, cafes and the main offices of municipal corporation, fire service, and police headquarters of Shimla, all of which are heritage buildings, the place is a prime tourist attraction in the city.

We then head towards the Bahu Fort in the state of Jammu & Kashmir to soak in the essence of Hindu temples. The fort is a religious place and within its precincts has a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, the presiding deity of the city of Jammu, locally known as ‘Bawe Wali Mata’.

With the start of festive season in the country, we take you to the Dussehrafest in the capital city of Delhi. The major Hindu festival marks victory of good over evil. According to the Hindu mythology, Dussehra marks the day when lord Rama beheaded King Ravana who is described as having ten heads and wished to overpower the almighty. The essence or spirit of the festival lies in its message – to get past all obstacles and emerge victorious and successful.

Moving towards the east, we end our journey with Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata, where the locals passionately celebrate the festival and indulge in seasonal specialties.

See you, next month, with more such hidden jewels of India.



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