Eco Tourism in Delhi – Delhi By Cycle

Paddle through the unexplored lanes of Delhi


July 13, 2019

/ By and / Delhi

Cycling seems to be impossible on the roads of Delhi where the traffic seems to get worse with every passing day. A cyclist therefore is a rare sight. Although, you may see some groups paddling during the early mornings but most of them do it out of passion and not with the motive of exploring.
However, there are some people who have tied the ends of tourism and cycling with each other. Started in 2009, Delhi by Cycle is India’s first Cycle Tour Company. At such a young age, this initiative has delivered a lifetime experience to more than 35,000 travellers. The experience we’re talking about here is nowhere related to spending time in swanky restaurants or purchasing expensive handicrafts. It is about hopping on a cycle and paddling through the hidden wonders of Delhi. Fun, isn’t it?



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