Gulab Singh Johrimal – Delhi’s Oldest Perfume Shop

200 years and still going strong


May 20, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

As the sun rises in Old Delhi, the hustle and bustle begins. Walking through its streets, one can feel history running through the veins of these narrow lanes and its establishments. Gulab Singh Johrimal, the oldest perfume shop in Delhi is one such place that is holding onto its 200-year-old history.

Established in 1816 the shop is keeping up the legacy of its forefathers by maintaining its originality, authenticity and creativity.

Everyday many locals and tourists, including foreigners, visit the shop to buy perfume products including fragrant soaps, agarbatti (incense stick), ittar (essential oil), etc., however, the Ruh Gulab is their iconic product and is still considered to be their specialty.

MIGTV visited the shop and experienced firsthand how Mukul Gundhi, the seventh generation owner of the shop has kept the legacy of his forefathers alive.



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