International Kite Festival: Experiencing the flavours of Gujarat

Blue sky, colourful kites and joyous vibes


January 21, 2017

/ By / Ahmedabad

The International Kite Festival, fondly known as Uttarayan, with its primary venue in Ahmedabad apart from the other cities of Gujarat, in western India, is a platform bringing together kite enthusiasts from across the world.

Vibrant and colourful kites dotting the blue skies is a common sight across India during this time of the year. Gujarat has played host to the festival since 1989, with participants from over 32 countries. Kite flying enthusiasts and kite makers find a platform that also turns into a confluence of cultures. People from as far as the UK, Brazil, and France come to take part in the festival, displaying and exhibiting their kites and the unique techniques of making and flying them.

In the run-up to the festival, one can see various kite suppliers and specially designed kites in creation on the footpaths and the roadside of cities such as Ahmedabad. Artisans get together to provide kite lovers with kites to enjoy this annual festival that is widely celebrated by visitors and locals alike. The Kite Festival brings in cheer and vibrancy for its revellers, who are immersed in the age-old tradition of kite flying during this time of the year.



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