Interview with Bonhomia entrepreneurs

Gourmet coffee and tea, the Indian way

September 28, 2016

/ By and / New Delhi

Media India Group interviewed Kunal Bhagat and Tuhin Jain, at the helm of Bonhomia, an Indian success story. In just four years, the brand has emerged as the top Indian player on the fast developing Indian market of single-serve capsules for gourmet coffee and tea beverages. The company, which also sells dedicated coffee machines, intends to provide its customers a full experience, from home to workplace, from restaurants to hotels, with an Indian taste. It targets not only customers already familiar with the Nespresso-type experience abroad but also Indians, and especially the younger generation, for whom coffee is becoming the favourite beverage. Bonhomia is on a fast growth path: famous Indian angel investors have already put their money in the company through three rounds of funding. The goal is to develop domestically and globally, reaching out to customers not only through frequent events but also via its own digital platforms and community.



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