Kolkata to London World Tour 2017

A road trip for a cause


May 16, 2017

/ By / Kolkata

To generate awareness for rare diseases, Tanushree Nandan and Samaresh Das are out on a journey from Kolkata’s iconic Howrah Bridge to London’s Tower Bridge.

Residents of the eastern Indian metropolitan city, Tanushree Nandan, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Wanderer and Samaresh Das, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Motorist are out on a mission and they have found an ally in Organization for Rare Diseases, India (ORDI).

ORDI was founded to address the many challenges in the management of rare disease in India. A lack of awareness about rare disease even among doctors means that a diagnosis can often take up to many years. ORDI serves as an umbrella organisation for patients with rare diseases and other stakeholders throughout the country.

The duo will cover 18 countries in Asia and Europe, which includes Thailand, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, and France. The journey will be for 57 days and it will end in the United Kingdom. MIG TV takes immense pleasure in partnering with them in this endeavour.



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