Mahalaya The beginning of Devipaksha

September 28, 2019

/ By / New Delhi

“Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu, Shakti-rupen sansthita Namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namo namah” With these chants, Mahalaya morning commences the beginning of Durga Puja festival, This day also marks the advent of Goddess Durga from her mythological marital home in Kailash to her parents’ home.

According to mythology, Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara created Goddess Durga to defeat a demon king Mahishasura.

On this day, Tarpan (ritual of homage) is performed on the banks of river Ganges in remembrance of their ancestors.

Also in Bengal, people wake up early in the morning with the recitation of Chandipath (scriptural verses) on a widely popular Bengali radio programme, Mahishasuramardini.

Even today this 86 years-old recorded programme ushers in Devipaksha for the Bengalis.



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