Offbeat destinations in India to attract European tourists

Interview with B.B Mukherjee, Director of Indiatourism Paris

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January 9, 2017

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With the E-visa facilities, more tourists from Europe visited India last year besides the economic slowdown. With the launch of a direct Air India flight to Madrid, India hopes to receive more Spanish tourists in the coming years.
If Rajasthan and Kerala are already two well known destinations in Europe, Indiatourism is also aggressively marketing new offbeat destinations such as the North Eastern region with its wildlife, tribal culture and himalayan landscapes. An other attraction is beach tourism with pristine and quiet beach on the eastern coast of the country including its islands like Andaman & Nicobar.
On the occasion of FITUR, the international tourism fair organised in Madrid, B. B Mukherjee, Director of Indiatourism based in Paris and in charge of France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, talks about the trends, objectives and challenges in 2017.



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