Remembering Madhubala

Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood

February 13, 2020

/ By / New Delhi

Madhubala is an evergreen Indian star with a striking beauty. The damsel was often compared with Marilyn Monroe for her charisma. Born as Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi, she made her debut in the 1942 film Basant, at the age of nine. Born in a poor family, silver screen made her the sole breadwinner She bagged her first lead role in the 1947 film Neel Kamal. Her talent, punctuality and dedication became the talk of the tinsel town. With the 1949 horror film Mahal, she defined the face of female ghosts in the Indian cinema for years to come. In 1954, she was detected with ventricular septal defect or a hole in her heart. Multiple failed relationships added to her agony. Nevertheless, the actress continued to work. She delivered around 70 films, 15 out of which were blockbusters. She is best remembered for portraying the role of Anarkali, the doomed courtesan in the film Mughal-e-Azam (1960). The iconic film was the highest grossing Bollywood film of the year. India lost its jewel in 1969 as Madhubala succumbed to her illness at the young age of 36.



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