Sudder Street: A Backpacker’s Paradise

Where antiques meet bohemian


May 4, 2017

/ By / Kolkata

Sudder Street, at the heart of Kolkata, is a foreigners’ hub, owing to its inexpensive hotels, vibrant flea-markets and diverse restaurants. If you are looking for a trip down the memory lane, Sudder Street, with its myriad bylanes, is the place to be at. From gramophone record shops to hotels set up during the British Raj, this laidback neighbourhood has  it all. If you are at this side of the city, you have to try the plethora of authentic Spanish and Italian dishes from Raj’s Spanish Cafe and the combination of ones from the popular Blue Sky Cafe.

Those looking for ancient Bengali decors can also walk into one of the many outlets dotting the area. Sudder Street is, thus, the one-stop destination for everyone looking for a respite from the fast-paced cityscapes and lifestyle.



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