What makes a Banarasi Paan special?

September 18, 2019

/ By / New Delhi

The practice of chewing paan (a preparation combining betel leaf) is as old as the culture of India. As a matter of fact, paan is considered sacred in the Hindu religion and offering it to guests is a sign of hospitality in many Indian households. This traditional treat is often used as a mouth freshener and also helps in improving digestion. Varanasi, a city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is seen dotted with paan shops at almost every corner of its lanes. The Banarasi Paan is famous worldwide for its unique taste. The andaz (way) of serving the paan here is what makes the Banarasi Paan special.

The ingredients include Gulkand (a sweet preserve of rose petals), dry dates, flavours, coconut, all of which are separately added on a betel leaf and are not pre-mixed.

The paan makers claim that most of their ingredients are home-made, a characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else except Varanasi.



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