Air France-KLM and Jet Airways sign enhanced cooperation agreement

Connecting Indo-European dots


December 2, 2017

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The major European aviation groups have chosen Jet Airways to expand their global aviation footprint with emphasis on India

The major European aviation groups have chosen Jet Airways to expand their global aviation footprint with emphasis on India

Air France-KLM and Jet Airways recently signed an ‘Enhanced Cooperation Agreement’ for the development of their operations between Europe and India by means of increasing flights and introducing new flight routes.

The agreement was signed to strengthen the partnership built between the three airlines since 2014. This cooperation was expanded in 2016 with an extensive codeshare agreement for connections between Europe and North America and Jet Airways hubs at Mumbai and Delhi in India via Air France-KLM hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol. The ‘Enhanced Cooperation Agreement’ will aim to increase the number of flights to Europe, especially Paris and Amsterdam, and expand further connectivity to the United States of America (US).

Jean-Marc Janaillac, chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM stated, “Air France-KLM and Jet Airways are launching the first cooperation agreement of its kind on the India – Europe market, one of the markets at the heart of the group’s strategy for the coming years. We are innovating within the airline industry by offering connections between two partnerships for the first time: our enhanced cooperation agreement for India – Europe with Jet Airways and the Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines’ Europe – North American joint venture. Jet Airways, Air France, KLM, and Delta Air Lines will thus connect India to a vast transatlantic network via the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol hubs.” He also added, “With over 1,200,000 customers carried between India and Europe by the group and our Indian partner, half of whom are travelling onward to North America, we are confirming our ambition to offer customers an enhanced network, and a unique, seamless product tailored to their needs with the best products and services.”

This partnership may, however, hurt the business prospects of major Gulf carrier, Etihad Airlines, which owns 24 pc stake in Jet Airways, while working in favour for Jet by increasing its footprint in Europe.

“The enhanced cooperation agreement between Jet Airways, Air France and KLM being signed during Jet Airways’ 25th year and Air France’s 70 Years in India, represents the next stage in our journey of offering our valued guests greater choice, connectivity, and comfort across our combined global networks. I am excited about the future, as we move forward with this historic development and the exciting new value proposition which will drive tremendous benefits to our customers,” said Naresh Goyal, chairman, Jet Airways.

The enhanced cooperation agreement will see Jet Airways, Air France, and KLM working together to develop their commercial and product offering. Customers will thus benefit from multiple travel options and seamless service throughout the three partners’ networks spanning 44 cities in India and 106 destinations across Europe.


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