DigiYatra for a seamless air travel

Providing a platform for digital experience for air travellers


June 15, 2017

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DigiYatra will lessen your paperwork before boarding a plane

DigiYatra will lessen your paperwork before boarding a plane

The Ministry of Civil Aviation introduced a seamless digital experience for air travellers via the DigiYatra initiative to promote the government’s vision of a digitally empowered society.The aim is to make ‘boarding pass and security interactions’ digital to lessen the hassles for passengers.

The initiative comes closely in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a Digital India.

This follows Air Sewa, which brings together all the stakeholders on a common platform for handling customer grievances and disseminating real-time data.

 The Indian aviation market is undeniably a booming one as India is predicted to become one of the major markets for aviation globally, by 2020. The union minister for Civil Aviation, Ashok Gajapathi Raju remained hopeful that DigiYatra initiative will transform the flying experience for passengers and position Indian aviation amongst the most innovative air networks in the world.

The Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha stated, “DigiYatra initiative aims to bring together entire industry to develop a digital ecosystem that will deliver Indian customers a seamless, consistent and paperless service experience at every touch point of their journey.”

He also added, “The Ministry created a Technical Committee comprising industry stakeholders which will submit its recommendations in 30 days. These propositions would be open for public comments and discussions for another 30 days. These would then be translated into a time-bound action plan.”

According to the report, the innovative aviation initiative will be based on four key pillars, namely-Connected Passengers, Connected Airports, Connected Flying and Connected Systems. This will give further impetus to the nation’s Regional Connectivity Scheme, to make air travel accessible to the general masses.

Sinha also stated, “The initiative envisages providing airline travellers in India, a pioneering ‘digitally unified flying experience’ across all stages of their journey. All aviation stakeholders, airlines, airport operators, security and immigration agencies, cab operators, retail establishment and others are working to devise digital standards which can enable seamless exchange of data and information. These standards can power unique applications which can deliver a delightful experience for air travellers.”

It is also proposed as a part of the scheme to optionally link Aadhaar to airlines and other ecosystem players at the time of booking for faster airport entry and automated check-ins without requiring any paper-based interventions.


A senior official from the Ministry commented, “In a world governed by technologies, it is only but fair and required to have such an initiative. The passengers will appreciate it and if they appreciate it, so will the airlines who’ll be raking in the revenue from an increase in air traffic. It will empower the passengers to monitor every bit of their air travel, including tracking luggage, in a hassle-free, digitised manner.”






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