Cox & Kings unveils Trip 360º to redefine Outdoor Adventure Tourism

Fuelling the spirit of adrenaline junkies

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March 30, 2017

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India’s adventure sports enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice!

India’s adventure sports enthusiasts have reasons to rejoice

Cox & Kings unveiled Trip 360º, a one-stop-shop for all things adventure that will revolutionise adventure travel in India.

Trip 360º, powered by Cox & Kings Ltd, was launched with an aim to establish India as a global adventure destination. An online community for adventure lovers with safety and sustainability forming the core values, Trip 360º plans to craft high-quality expeditions and catering to the insatiable appetite of thrill seekers. Trip 360º is the first adventure specialist that will operate as both an aggregator and a tour operator.

Trip 360º’s dedicated website, gives adventure seekers a mix of 200 itineraries to start with. Trip 360º’s living-life-on-the-edge itineraries include diving with sharks in Maldives to skiing to the South Pole, cycling trips in northeast India to some of the most remote corners of Laos, cruising parts of Galapagos Islands and other parts of Central America to trekking the Vinson Massif in Antarctica and Sahyadri Ranges in Maharashtra. It will also launch new routes and trips to offbeat destinations like Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and sections that remain untouched by other tour operators.

Rohan Prakash, Business Head, Trip 360º, said, “Each of the Trip 360º itineraries is tailored specifically for individuals, who love getting out of their comfort zones and embracing new passions and experiences. Our itineraries vary from soft, medium and hard adventures and cater to all levels of adventure travellers. We have handpicked and trained expert guides, leaders and suppliers to offer different adventures of international standards. We will be introducing most tempting activities like scuba diving, cycling, diving, biking, trekking and more such exciting experiences within and outside India.”

Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings, that is powering Trip 360º, said, “With increasing number of travellers shifting focus to ‘experience-oriented’ vacations, there is an increase in demand for the adventure travel services. The adventure travel business is huge in India; however, it is largely fragmented and unorganised. Many independent professionals and local operators offer adventure activities to travellers at low costs and with substandard services defying international norms, compromising on safety and sustainability. Trip 360º addresses these issues by filling the gap and brings out the best that India has to offer in the adventure landscape, in a safe and sustainable setting.”

The selected partners are locals from the area or specialists in their respective fields with an in-depth knowledge of the region and the local environment. Trip 360º aim is to consolidate the local’s expertise with theirs and create a platform for travellers to live and achieve their outdoor dream in a safe and healthy environment.



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