Ground Zero Consulting to exclusively focus on sustainability communications

Transforming from data research to green leadership


January 23, 2024

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Ground Zero Consulting to exclusively focus on sustainability communications

Ground Zero Consulting's new suit of service includes communication strategy development and sustainability Audits

Ground Zero Consulting, a marketing agency, says it has transformed into India's first sustainability marketing consultancy, championing green initiatives and redefining communication strategies for change.

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Ground Zero Consulting, a company that initially made its mark as a data research agency in 2021, has undergone a significant transformation to emerge a climate-focussed and sustainability communications company.

In a press release Ground Zero Consulting, headquartered in New Delhi, says that it aims to reshape climate and sustainability communications, championing eco-friendly business practises among diverse clients, including public and private sectors.

It adds that Ground Zero is introducing a comprehensive range of services, from communication strategy development to sustainability audits, sustainable branding, and global outreach programmes.

The agency says it is enthusiastic for its global outreach initiative, recruiting experienced communicators from developed climate change markets to India. Plans for collaborations with academia and universities are in progress it will stay operational in New Delhi and Mumbai. The company says that this strategic move positions it at the forefront of climate and sustainability communications, emphasising its commitment to a greener future.

Rahul Tekwani

“As a firm, we observed a growing awareness towards climate change when undertaking various research projects for both government and corporate sectors. It became evident that the issue is being taken seriously at both governmental and corporate levels. Over the past 12-15 months, we have diligently worked towards this transformation, witnessing the unfolding dynamics of Climate Change both domestically and globally,” says Rahul Tekwani, Founder and Managing Director of Ground Zero.

“We further anticipate a significant shift towards sustainability across various industries. There is a need to emphasise and raise widespread awareness at all levels, in addition to substantial investments by the Government in initiatives like Mission Life as part of the Net Zero vision. This underscores the need for a comprehensive approach in addressing climate-related challenges,” Tekwani adds.



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