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November 19, 2016

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November-December 2016

Camas is a French group established in 2001 to meet the demands of airports in the area of vocational training. For over 15 years, the group strives to offer quality training by professional activity.

CAMAS is a French group dedicated to training solutions for the Aviation and Airport industry professionals which exists since 2001. The group trains more than 27,000 people every year in two different areas: companies in need of initial or refresher training for their existing employees, and professional training for individuals and future employees of the industry. CAMAS is now a worldwide leader in professional training solutions. Our very wide range of courses include Dangerous Goods, Ground Handling, Safety and Security, Customer Service, Air Cargo, Management and a service of Audit and Consulting to improve performance.

CAMAS owns 23 training centres worldwide (France, Bolivia, Morocco, Mauritius, Turkey, South Africa, Switzerland, USA and China) and has delivered training courses in more than 30 countries in the last decade. During the last five years the group has invested massively in new training solutions such as eLearning to develop an all new range of products and to meet high demand in flexibility.

How important is the international market for your company? In which countries/regions have you been active and what have the results been so far?

The International market is extremely important to our company. We have offices in Mauritius, China, United States, Turkey, Morocco and Switzerland. Results have been very positive so far with a very high demand with both professionals and individuals, especially for vocational training.

Have you had any exposure to India or presence in India? What has your experience been vis a vis India so far?  

Not so far.

If you have never had any relationship with India, would you be keen to consider entering this market?


Do you know which of your product/ services could be best placed/related to the requirements of the Indian market? What are the USPs about your company/institution which put you ahead of your rivals from around the world? 

Vocational training would probably be the best placed product since the demand in qualified and skilled staff
is now growing quickly everywhere where there is a fast-growing economic development, especially in places such as airports where the demand can be very big and diverse in terms of recruitment. Our USPs are our long experience in the field, our great knowledge of the aviation and airport industry, and our great flexibility, all of which has enabled us to grow very quickly in the past decade.

What are your expectations from the Indian market? Which format of relation with India would be the best suited for you – invest in setting up a unit/subsidiary or joint venture in India, finding a franchisee in India, transfer of know-how or simply sell services/products technology to India? 

The Indian market is a fast-ggrowing market in terms of airport development, so we think the market has a very high potential and a very high demand for professional training. The best format will be either a subsidiary or joint venture so we can perform a transfer of skills.

And what would you expect as a takeaway from the IISDS? 

We expect to meet either educational or airport/aviation professionals to build a long-term partnership. The partnership will be based on synergy from the two partners.




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