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November 19, 2016

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November-December 2016

Price Induction is a small-scale engine manufacturer offering its wide range of competences with flexibility, dedication and high quality standards. Their projects ranges from the definition phase to the prototyping by involving not only design office but also supply chain, test and production capabilities.

Price Induction is a French turbine engine manufacturer, specialized in innovative compact systems. The Company designs, builds and commercializes turbomachines in the 15kW to 1.5MW power range, as well as their associated systems (e.g. test rigs) and services (e.g. training, expertise). This innovative SME is one of the few companies to have developed a modern aeronautical gas turbine and its associated systems in the past decade.

Price Induction has 3 main business lines:

Aero Engines – Turbine engines dedicated to general aviation. The DGEN 380 for Personal Light Jets, first European geared turbofan and Proof of Concept of our engine architecture, has accumulated over 1,800 operating hours and 5,900 cycles. Along with the DGEN 390, second member of the DGEN family, it is the smallest two spool unmixed flow turbofan on the market. Price Induction also developed other turbine engine projects: OPUS 390 turboprop, advanced concepts based on innovative propulsion architectures.

TEST BENCHES – Academic product line dedicated to research, education and MRO training centers (the WESTT Solutions) and industrial product line for the aerospace industry.

R&T PROJECTS – Innovation programs for major aerospace groups. Integral engineering and prototyping of complex mechanical systems (design, build, test), partial studies, use of the DGEN engine as a test platform.

Since 2014, Price Induction has also been diversifying its turbomachine business outside the aeronautics space, towards the Land Transport (e.g. automobile, heavy trucks, refrigerating trucks), Maritime (e.g. yachting), Energy (e.g. electric generation) and Defense (e.g. military vehicles, shelters) sectors.

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