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November 19, 2016

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November-December 2016

QualiTec German Ltd., a subsidiary company of the Aachen Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Trades. The broad offer of technical training measures has been performed for many years in the wellknown vocational training centres of the Aachen Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Trades. QualiTec German Ltd. was founded to enable the training centres to act faster and more flexible on the international market of vocational training.

Since the early 1960ies, the Aachen Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Trades qualified thousands of people from all over the world. They completed technical training, management training or were trained as consultants. Responsible for these business activities is now QualiTec German Ltd.. Most of the training measures were performed in form of „train-the-trainer“-programmes; i.e. that the participants not only develop expert competence in the training course, but also are supported in additional courses to build up pedagogical competence. Thus, in many countries of the world, experts having successfully been trained in Aachen train other people professionally in their profession.

Training courses on different levels (apprenticeship, journeyman/skilled worker, master craftsman, bachelor in crafts, and of course according to any custromers‘ specifications) are offered in:

Electrical engineering / electronics, mechanical engineering, CNC, PLC, automation techniques / IT, welding (test labaratories available) and plastic, processing, car mechanics, mechatronics, energy and environment techniques, building trades and finishing trades, technicians design in crafts and trades.

The training courses in technical fields are based on both: on theory as well as on practical experience, be presented in a non-academic way in form of practical training in which theory is mainly offered in contexts (project work), be understood so that skilled workers are enabled to adapt quickly to complex issues and new requirements in their job, be oriented at practical tasks in real work places, prove the ability to plan, to perform, and to control entire professional action independently.

The instructors and teachers are well-experienced experts. They all come from industry and trades and know how to train in practice for the benefit of practice. They can teach in English, but are also used to work with interpreters. That the training facilities of QualiTec German Ltd. are a „centre of excellence“. In the average we support 14.000 participants p.a. in approx. 2 million lesson/participant hours.



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