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November 19, 2016

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November-December 2016

UIMM is the employers’ organization for the industrial companies of the metal sector in France. UIMM represents 42 000 companies of all sizes, from a wide range of industry sectors: metal working, mechanical industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, spatial industry, automotive and train industries, information & technology, electronical and optical products, nuclear industry and household equipments.

In France, we strive to create the best conditions for our company member’s competitiveness and we work on 4 objectives:

• Develop the skills in the companies to prepare their future,

• Modernize the labour market,

• Reform the social protection financing system

• Renovatethe dialogue between the representatives of workers, employers and the Stage.

To achieve our objectives and best support our members, we provide them with operational services, such as legal assistance, human resources management, vocational training, support to innovation and investment. 3500 Trainers andexperts are available all across the country through our network of local offices, supporting companies with their expertise in welding, milling, electro technical, automation, electricity, …, as well as process engineering, maintenance, supply chain, I.T. and network, …, HRM, management, quality.

But the French Industry, it’s not only in France. Members of UIMM are all around the world. The international department of the UIMM advice our members in the legal field of international social law, and we created 30 years ago, CODIFOR, the international cooperation agency of UIMM.

CODIFOR transfers at international level our organization’ know-how and experience to serve industry and support the international development of our companies with their partner’s countries. Since its creation, CODIFOR has developed projects in 40 countries, including North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe… in partnershipwith the greatestinternational cooperation donors.

CODIFOR mainly works on the following topics:

• Human Resources Management and Development, Vocational Training (VT) with companies or professional organization: 

From skills needs analysis in the Manufacturing Industry, to promote Manufacturing Industry and their human resource needs, to training plan and design of training programs and certifications adapted to the needs of businesses, skills certification management…

• Strengthening or creation of vocational training centres:

from feasibility studies to the restructuring /creation of the center, the choice of technical equipments;training of trainers; design of the center’s governance, in partnershipwith businesses; innovation in vocational training (work-study programs, modularization of paths, e-learning);…

• Reform of VT systems: 

feasibility studies for sectoral training centres; technical development of VT programs; implementation of joint systems for skills certification; apprenticeship system implementation; training in middlemanagement; implementation of quality system in VT; …

UIMM and CODIFOR explore projects in India regarding human resources development and the creation of vocational trainings,in framework of industrial partnerships between India and France. UIMM and CODIFORwill be thrilled by the opportunity to implement more concrete projects in India in this field. With IISDS, UIMM and CODIFOR want to identify the best zones for this kind of project, to find different partners, and to analyse the modalities of deployment of projects.





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