Wahter ties up with Scrapbuddy for ambitious recycling project

10 million bottles to be recycled in 3 months to curb plastic pollution


February 9, 2024

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Wahter ties up with Scrapbuddy for ambitious recycling project

Wahter and Scrapbuddy collab to recycle 10M PET bottles.

Packaged water firm Wahter has tied up with waste recycling firm and Scrapbuddy to unite to recycle 10 million PET bottles, with the objective to combating plastic pollution in Delhi National Capital Region.

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In an attempt to arrest the rising plastic pollution in the National Capital Region, packaged water company significant move towards environmental sustainability, Wahter, a leading force in the packaged water sector, has joined hands with Scrapbuddy, a plastic scrap recycling firm to an innovator in PET recycling, to tackle plastic pollution in Delhi and -National Capital Region.

In a press statement, the two firms says that they With a shared vision, the two companies have pledged to recycle 10 million PET bottles over the next three months, turning waste into valuable products and curbkerbing environmental degradation.

The statement adds that Wahter, renowned for its dedication to providing the purest form of hydration, brings to the table a wealth of certifications from industry authorities including FSSAI and ISO, underscoring their its commitment to quality and purity standards.

According to a press statement Through this partnership, Wahter will supply Scrapbuddy with PET scrap, facilitating the recycling of millions of bottles. This initiative not only signifies a strategic partnership in business but also underscores a shared dedication to fostering community-centric sustainability, adds the statement.

Scrapbuddy’’s production of recycled PET materials contributes to environmental preservation and local empowerment, aligning closely with the mutual vision of both companies for a greener and more sustainable Delhi-NCR region. Through this collaboration, the aim is to establish new standards in PET recycling, promoting environmental stewardship and community involvement, the two companies state.

The statement adds that Wahter will serve as a distribution ally, facilitating access to clean and safe drinking water for the public and communities throughout Delhi NCR on behalf of boAt, a leading consumer electronics brand in India. This arrangement is part of boAt’s collaboration with the Shoobhi Foundation, a respected NGO committed to various social causes, thereby extending the reach of their impactful initiatives.

“”Our collaboration with Wahter is a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. Scrapbuddy aims to make a lasting impact on plastic waste reduction in Delhi-NCR,’’” says Sachin Garg, Founder, of Scrapbuddy.

Amitt Nenwani

“”We are thrilled to collaborate with Scrapbuddy in this impactful venture. Together, we aim to set new standards in PET recycling, fostering environmental responsibility and community engagement,” ” says Co-founder of Wahter, Amitt Nenwani.

Wahter, a division of the renowned Shiva Group established in 1987, represents a new frontier in marketing under the leadership of Mr. Amitt Nenwani and Mrs. Kashiish A Nenwani. With an innovative approach, Wahter aims to transform the marketing industry by utilising its bottles as dynamic canvases, allocating 80% of space for brand advertisements while reserving 20% to assert its own identity, thus promoting affordability and transparency. On the other hand, Scrapbuddy, founded in April 2023 by entrepreneur Sachin Garg, is reshaping the recycling landscape in Delhi NCR. This platform facilitates individuals to contribute to environmental sustainability effortlessly by selling various recyclable items, offering a doorstep service for a seamless recycling experience.



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