Exploring the cultural synthesis of Sharjah

Experiencing traditions and modern manners in UAE's third largest emirate


January 4, 2018

/ By / Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Sharjah should be visited for its offering of contrasting landscapes and cultures. A city built in a desert, which has ports at its two ends, its geography is rather interesting, just like the eclectic mix of people who live here and like its touristic offerings.


Third largest of the seven emirates, Sharjah is also the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With its well-kept traditions, and the prevalence of certain modern manners, it prides in its unique synthesis of culture. While the Emiratis are at the helm of its governance, people from across Asia have found their humble abode here. This is credit to its booming commercial sector, which is reflected in the numerous high-rises that have emerged in the city over the last decade or so. A metropolis, Sharjah was crowned the Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998, and the Islamic Culture Capital for 2014, by the UNESCO. The variations it is home to, can be experienced by a visit to its numerous sites, which offer a glimpse into the city’s history, its evolution and the face it boasts of in the present times. There are museums, mosques, shopping hubs, restaurant panels, deserts, ports, markets, all of which can be visited for an enlightening travel experience.



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