Street Art in New Delhi’s Lodhi Colony

Painting the alleys with thoughtful illustrations


May 22, 2017

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As soon as you enter the wide streets of Lodhi Colony in New Delhi, it is evident that the area is different from the rest of the city. Especially the streets between the famous Meharchand market and Khanna market in the colony, where buildings are painted with murals that captivate the eyes. So much so, people especially visit the place to admire the artworks and take pictures infront of the painted walls.

With its diverse geography, culture and history, New Delhi has enough spaces to lend for various types of creative recitals. From marketplaces and residential areas, to metro stations, vivid illustrations are gradually emerging on Delhi’s walls. Not just simple art, but the paintings are also a gateway to the underlying social and cultural concerns.

Lodhi Colony is one such area where houses and buildings are painted with murals representing diverse and complex themes such as nature, origin of the world, migratory birds, space and life and death, among others.

Thanks to St+Art India Foundation, a non-profit organisation, that takes up projects to make art accessible to the public with their paintbrushes, murals and installations infusing some much-needed character and life into the dull walls.

The place became country’s first public art district last year, adorning colourful depictions with the aim to work closely with the community of Lodhi Colony and government bodies to create a sense of community pride and encourage the maintenance of the neighbourhood.

Here we take you on a tour of some of the walls in the area seeking street art with a conscience.

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