The gracious fasting month of Ramadan

An emotional zeal among Muslims of all ages


June 7, 2018

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India is known for its diversity, unity, and integrity as it holds the value of varied cultures and gives everyone unique and different experiences. Each year blooms with a generous sprinkle of celebrations, which centres around the rituals of blessings, goodwill, exchanging gifts, offerings, fasting and feasting, decorating places, that unites us in a bond of love and brotherhood.

During Ramadan, the month of fasting, each day starts with suhur (pre-dawn meal) ends with iftar (meal eaten by Muslims after the sunset). Traditionally they break the fast with dates with either water or yogurt and then the larger meal would be served after the Maghrib (sunset) prayer. There are varieties of eateries in Muslim localities–rich and traditional delicacies and common street food from different parts of the city are served here during this month.

Traditionally Ramadan commences and ends with the sighting of the new moon. It is celebrated throughout the world and is believed to be the most sacred month. Muslims believe that during the holy month of Ramadan, God revealed the verses of the Quran (Muslim holy book) to Prophet Mohammad. It includes the month-long fasting with strong spiritual intent. The fasting is a self-test as believers abstain from food, liquid, smoking and other things between the spiritual hours of sunrise to sunset.





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