The nuances that make the City of Joy

Exploring Kolkata


January 31, 2018

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As we set foot in Kolkata, we realised there was so much to see in the ‘city of joy’; after all, it is not by chance that the city got the moniker, it earned it.

On our first day in Kolkata, this eastern Indian city was all geared up for what is locally known as the Bengali Valentine’s Day, officially a day to celebrate the goddess of education, art and music, known as Saraswati Puja. As we wandered the streets we saw romance blossoming everywhere with young couples taking this day off to enjoy the city’s offerings. Pandals or the temporary housing of the idols of Goddess Saraswati were found in every nook and corner of the city, complete with people participating in the ceremonies accompanied by the hum of music.

As we drove ahead, we entered one of the most prominent streets of the city – Park Street. This street has a diverse range of attractions that goes from beautiful colonial buildings to a number of street food stalls, from shopping outlets to fine dining restaurants – the street has all this and much more to offer.

While travelling in this city of joy, it is hard to miss the iconic yellow taxi, whose numbers have been dwindling everywhere else. There are also the hand-pulled rickshaws that have become more of a tourist attraction as opposed to a mode of transportation. The trams, another quintessential Kolkata mode of transportation brings forth that old world charm that many love.

Amongst the newer attractions in the city, the Mother’s Wax Museum is a nice place to visit, giving tourists a chance to pose next to the wax statues of the stars.

While trying to cram in a number of locations in our four-day visit to the city we realised that this city of art, culture, literature and welcoming people has so much more to offer that an extended trip is a must.



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