Peninsula Paris

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November 18, 2015

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Peninsula Paris

Just few steps away from the Champs-Elysées, nestled between the Eiffel tower and Arc de triomphe, the newly opened Peninsula makes sure your stay in the capital goes with comfort, luxury and elegance.

It is a massive building of 31,000 square meters. Classic, French, with a distinct Haussmannian style and Neo-classic details. Opened since last summer, Peninsula Paris greets you with grandeur and elegance.

The clientele here is welcomed by the iconic pageboys, with their immaculate costume and famous flat hat. As an emblem of the group’s dedication to personalised service, the pageboy receives you with a warm affability, a quality that is found among the entire service crew in charge of this luxurious property.

Once inside the hotel lobby, you will have the opportunity to admire the meticulous work of renovation of this 19th century old building, with delicate mouldings on the ceiling and embellished designs on walls. While admiring the flamboyant interiors, brought back to life thanks to some of France’s finest artisans, you may recall the prestigious past of the once called Meridian Hotel. In 1973, Henry Kissinger negotiated the Paris Peace Accords that put an end to the Vietnam War, in the salon, Le Bar Kléber, currently. Earlier in 1928, famous music writer George Gershwin wrote “An American in Paris” while staying in one of the hotel’s rooms.


Peninsula Paris

Though shining with an impressive legacy, the Peninsula Paris doesn’t confine itself in the past. Contemporary artists such as Catalan sculptor Xavier Corberó and its “Moon River” have marked out the place with modernity and up-to-date sophistication.

Comfort above all

The average hotel’s suites are arranged into a small entry, a living area leading to the main room, a luxurious bathroom and a dressing room. Despite a rare view on the Arc de triomphe from the window and remarkable details, the overall decoration somehow heavy, with dark colors and imposing furniture. Amateurs of delicate ornaments and minimalists would probably find the space slightly bulky.

Nevertheless, with comfort, elegance and high technology as its keywords, the Peninsula aims to satisfy the clientele looking for a serene, pleasant stay in Paris. Once in the room, forget about buttons and traditional switches. All the systems – light, curtains, temperature, are managed through digital panels. Fully customized interactive digital tablets preset in 11 languages enables you to regulate different elements according to your need and comfort. At a price of four digits euros a night, you can also expect a 24 hours room service, with maids and staff members ready to answer your demands at any time. For those looking for relaxation, the marble bathroom with a separate rain shower, an inset television, spa option and amenities by Oscar de la Renta will provide you the environment you need. To further experience moments of wellbeing and harmony of the senses, do not hesitate to go underground in the hotel’s spa.

With six rooms including two for couples, the place provides you a genuine intimacy. A fitness center with a dedicated coach and a large swimming pool are also available for the clientele.

Cultural blending

While staying at the Peninsula Paris, you might appreciate the cohabitation of traditional French touch and Asian recollections. Lili, the hotel’s restaurant, for instance woos you with typical Chinese gastronomy. In a space designed as an opera, both with Western and a Chinese spirit, traditional and modern at the same time, you will have the privilege to taste delicate Perking duck, dim sums, or fresh sea food.

Up on the 6th floor, L’Oiseau Blanc and its priceless view of the city entertains you with a choice of French cuisine. With its setting recalling the eponymous plane, one of the first that aimed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the visitors experience an original moment of delight.


Peninsula Paris

When it comes to restaurants, the Peninsula is also proud of its famous teatime at the lobby. At 4 pm, a melody played on the piano informs you it is time to savour tea and mignardises. If the weather is mild enough, you might enjoy the terrace outside and appreciate the perfect emplacement of the hotel, at the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



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