Fashion hacks to survive the Indian summer

From pastel shades to floral prints à la mode


March 27, 2017

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Summer Hats are a fun addition to summer must-haves. Here we see Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson sporting matching sun hats.

Summer hats are a fun addition to summer must-haves. Here we see Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson sporting matching sun hats.

The easiest way to beat the heat is to dress smart and short. The article unveils the ultimate guide to summer couture to defeat the sweat-glands.

The sweltering heat and itchy rash days are not far away. It won’t be long before the Glucon-D and Rasna jingles start flooding the airtime with the sole purpose of quenching the thirst of the aam aadmi (common man). Despite the media promoted gimmicks, the basic method to stay ‘cool’ this summer is to internalise the Summer Fashion or the summer dress code.

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules as to how one shall dress, given clothing is a matter of individual perspective; however, the adherence to this basic code will equip the readers to bear the scorching Indian summer.

Cling on to cotton fabrics as it allows the skin to breath and thus, keeps the body cool. Avoid dark colours and synthetic materials like a plague. Dark colours tend to absorb rays and trap heat wherein synthetic materials do not let the skin breathe. Opt for loose clothes as it enable better circulation. Do not go for clothes that show much skin, during the daytime, as it may increase one’s chances of being exposed to the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun. This may lead to dry skin conditions, premature aging and heat rashes in addition to skin cancer.

Couture Talks

In a crisp conversation with city based stylist, Ashna Jain, she acknowledged, “White is your best friend in summer. It is the most versatile colour to sport. Combine with almost any colour or pattern in your wardrobe to achieve a clean, modern look.”

What are the must-have colours, we asked, this summer? “White, aqua blue, coral, a bright shade of yellow, flame red-based orange, hazelnut,” she responded. Here is our list of some knock-out summer combinations.

For the ladies:

  • A chic, button-up, floral dress with artsy sneakers.
  • Cold-shoulder, light-coloured top with patchwork bottoms or shorts.
  • Linen jumpsuits with flat sandals.
  • White, button-up blouse with skinny denims.
  • Short, sleeveless kurti with a fish-tail skirt.

For the gents:

  • Fitted tees with shorts and loafers.
  • Linen, button-up shirts with wide legged trousers.
  • Sleeveless shirts with fitted denims.
  • Polo shirt with Bermuda shorts.
  • A cotton kurta with ripped denims.

To add to the lists, sunblocks and shades are must-haves to survive the Indian summer. So, while stylists and designers are getting geared up to launch their summer collections, you are already reading this article and prepping for the summer to come.



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