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Photography as a profession and hobby in India


January 13, 2017

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Not only the youth but people of all ages are coming forward to showcase their views and skills

Not only the youth but people of all ages are coming forward to showcase their views and skills

Photography, in India, is fast emerging as a preferred career option that is both attractive and remunerative, and not only the youth but people of all ages are coming forward to showcase their views and skills.

“As a child, I used to watch a lot of shows on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet and used to get really fascinated with how beautifully the animals were captured in their natural environment. So, the curiosity of the camera work started from there, I think,” says Yuvan Kumar, 22, who has now been handling the camera for many years and is considering taking up photography as a career.

Having explored various photography genres while interning with the Press Trust of India (PTI) and RkSwamy Studios in New Delhi, and also while conducting many photo shoots of aspiring models, he came to the conclusion that fashion photography is what he wants to take up. “Fashion and wildlife photography are what interest me,” he adds.

While some are connected to the art since their childhood, for others the interest in photography is born out of just a hobby. “My interest in photography developed with time and now I know that this is what I want to take up as a career,” said Sakshi Bhatia, who is currently pursuing her masters in photography and cinematography in New Delhi.

With the increasing opportunities that photography offers in numerous fields like advertising, media and fashion industry, the art has emerged as both an interesting and profitable profession for many in India. With technological advancements, this creative means of expression is replacing the paintbrush for many.

Though there is no doubt that photographers are artists who capture the world through their lenses, there are some who think that it is an easy job. “It is not as easy as it seems. It requires focus and skill for presenting a subject in a way that it captures the eyes and makes heads turn. One should have a definite knowledge of the angle, lighting and the latest equipment and technology,” explains Yuvan.

Not only as a profession, this art form is also attracting people to take it up as a hobby. Many amateur photographers indulge in photography and display their work through social media platforms. And, for the ones who do not have the equipment, the smartphones are sufficient.

“I like to travel and capture what I see and I often post pictures on my social media accounts. I do not want to take photography too seriously but I like doing it as a hobby,” says Vansh Sirohi, 19, a computer applications student in Delhi.

Photos are an essential part in both print and electronic media, and this area offers a great scope for those who have an interest and the attributes needed to be a professional. With the explosion of the communication network, the growth of advertising and media and the fashion boom, photography is the new way for travel and art lovers!



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