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October 18, 2016

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Naturopathy is a blend of five natural elements including earth, water, fire, ether and fasting

Naturopathy is a blend of five natural elements including earth, water, fire, ether and fasting

The ancient medical science, Naturopathy, is best suited for modern, hectic lifestyles and the innumerable cures it suggests are not known to many.

The word naturopathy was created from ‘natura’ meaning ‘birth’ and ‘patho’ referring to ‘suffering’ to suggest ‘natural healing’. Naturopathy is a large system of theories to support the body’s own capacity to achieve optimal health and facilitate the body’s healing mechanisms. It stimulates the body’s natural healing processes by ridding it of waste products and toxins.

High blood pressure, diabetes or calcium deficiencies are no longer a problem only for the elders. A huge chunk of youngsters and young adults are also being diagnosed with these problems. As allopathy is not always effective, Naturopathy becomes the saviour in many cases.

Naturopathy is a blend of five natural elements including earth, water, fire, ether and fasting. Mud baths, mud packs, hydro-therapeutic methods in the form of baths, packs, breathing exercises, outdoor walking, open-air baths, sun baths, Thermoleum baths, magnetised water and colour-charged oils are some of the treatments it prescribes for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Along with this, Naturopathy is also a natural anti-ageing treatment and can cure asthma, depression, anxiety, food intolerance, eczema, constipation, prostate problems, arthritis, insomnia, cold and flu and also helps in weight loss, allergies and pre-menstrual syndrome.

Mahatma Gandhi, too, practised naturopathy and also promoted it in his articles in Harijan, a weekly journal during the British rule in India.

The therapy employs a wide array of natural modalities, including homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture as well as diet and lifestyle counselling.

Naturopathy infrastructure in India

India is gradually building a strong system of healthcare and the country is known for its high quality and world class medical facilities, robust infrastructure and top-notch healthcare services.

People from various countries are increasingly visiting India for medical care. Medical tourists from the US, the UK, Europe and many African countries have also been impressed with the Indian commitment to quality and economical treatments.

“I have been visiting India for Naturopathy treatment and yoga since 2005, and the results are great. It is a relief to be able to find a cure for my health problems, which were otherwise incurable,” says Manju Sethi, a person of Indian origin from Paris, France.

Almost all Naturopathic remedies in India can be experienced at either the top Indian hospitals or amidst the natural surroundings at beachside resorts in states like Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu amongst others. They offer the perfect foil to deal with stress-related disorders that are outside the physical realm and require a holistic solution including diets, mental and emotional state and environmental factors.

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