Plants for a good sleep

Purify and perfume your room naturally!


June 23, 2017

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Not only a visual delight, but propping up certain plants and flowers inside houses can also enrich the aura of the place. So much so, these plants when placed inside rooms, comfort the body to have a sound sleep – no worries about beauty sleeps anymore!

If you are under the impression that plants are just for gardens, verandas or terraces, then you need to place some of them inside your home and experience the difference. Having flowers and shrubs inside houses not only adds to the aesthetic value but also brings in a lot of positive energy, adds a splash of colour and are natural purifiers.

What’s more is that these plants might also help you to get a comfortable sleep. According to science, certain plants use less oxygen than what is usually perceived and exude oxygen during the night, while others are known for their relaxing capabilities and fragrance. Here is a list of some of these plants.
Get, plant, sleep!


Aloe Vera

Besides using the natural gel from Aloe Vera plants for beauty benefits, try the plant for a good night sleep as well. The plant emits oxygen during night and is easy to grow and maintain. For the people who often feel restless, Aloe Vera may prove to be a good solution.



Scent and fumes of the Lavender plant are known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. According to researchers, the plant can help newborns and new mothers slip into deep sleep and also reduce stress levels. Moreover, its mild and pleasant smell comes in as a bonus.



For some natural tropical fragrance inside your house during summers, try Jasmine flowers. The plant has a soothing effect on the body, which reduces anxiety levels along with creating positive vibes in the surroundings.


Viper’s Bowstring Hemp

Also known as Snake plant, the Viper’s Bowstring Hemp is one of the best natural air purifiers. Doubling up as a home decor they also emit oxygen during the night and help to slip into a sound sleep.


Peace Lily

Apart from aiding in napping peacefully, the presence of peace lilies has been proven to reduce pain, anxiety and fatigue. However, it is not recommended to place the plant in houses with pets, like dogs and cats.


Airplane Plant

Spider plant, as it is commonly known – is recognised for its air cleansing properties, especially the cancer-causing chemicals. The plant absorbs bad odours and helps sleep better.



For people who easily catch cold or suffer from problems like sinus, palm leaves are the best solution. They release moisture into the air and purify it naturally. Try sleeping amidst some of these plants and see if you can get rid of that insomnia.

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