Baba Ramdev announces special jeans for India

'Swadshi Jeans' launched by the spiritual leader to compete with global giants


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September 16, 2016

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Baba Ramdev, the face of Patanjali.

Baba Ramdev, the face of Patanjali.

Indian yogi and entrepreneur speaks about plans to launch a brand of jeans as Patanjali expands its avenues of businesses.

Baba Ramdev, the face of Patanjali, a company whose market share has been steadily growing, announced future plans of the company. It is a decade-old brand that currently manufactures more than 500 fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products and has now announced plans of producing clothes and shoes.

Swadeshi, a Hindi word that gained social significance during India’s struggle for freedom from the British Raj, was best epitomised by Gandhi’s appeal to the nation to banish British goods and instead turn to home-grown products.

Fast forward to today, Ramdev is cashing in on the sentiment of India-made goods for Indians; with the proposed swadeshi jeans supposed to cater to Indian tastes. Bringing back the debate on what is swadeshi and what isn’t, Ramdev asserted that these jeans would be in line with the “Indian culture and tradition”.

Ramdev said, “Swadeshi jeans will be launched by the end of the year or early next year. There was a great demand from the youth and, therefore, Patanjali decided to launch Indianised jeans to compete with foreign brands.”

Social media speaks on Swadeshi jeans

Twitter exploded with reactions to the news about the ideas of expansion for the brand.

Debates have sparked around Patanjali’s marketing strategies, criticising it for rejecting the realities of the global market that marks the current economic order in the world. Plans of leaving a global footprint has resulted in rumours of tie-ups with companies across the world. But Patanjali has rejected the notion of succeeding only through collaboration with multinational corporations.

Patanjali’s phenomenal success has now been underlined by its CEO, Acharya Balakrishna, being named as one of India’s richest. According to the Hurun India Rich List 2016, Balakrishna is worth approximately USD 3.9 billion, making him the 26th richest man in the country.

With the launch of its jeans, apparel and shoe lines, Patanjali and its owners’ fortunes are likely to flourish further.



  1. dev lukum says:

    Weather Patanjali is introducing Jean Dhoti?

  2. Santanu says:

    Whatever May be the things, but after all it will make a rival. It will add as a new brand of made in Indian Jeans.

  3. Chandrakant Gujjar says:

    It is great pleasure to write to Editor
    MIG, pl convey my message to Baba Ramdevji, thank u. ……my message as follows,
    Baba Ramdevji manufacturing/selling jeans or other garments is not a big thing , BRji can do a very big service to Indian society by CREATING A PLATFORM to small and medium business indutry in garments and other products to consumers And can have an IMPACT on society like Amezon( Co; is on basis of co-op principals) for all kinds of products and services and specialised products and services like Nike plus , Netflix etc insted offering just more stuff to national and international market.
    By creating a platform for mfg co; to direct consumers Baba ramdevji , who is already having his personal
    IMPACT on the whole world through his action in the field of health, medicines and yogic way of living CAN offer to people by creating a pltform which will be ….”Not only remains as simple meaning as ‘platform’ but by helping all small and medium mfg co;s and consumers by elevating them little higher than the present potential
    by giving good market for quality product and service at the lowest possible price to the consumers along with transforming peoples lives for better sustainable lives.
    The elevation of mfg,bussiness and consumers of all community thro’ this kind of platform which is not just
    product,service or stuff but the capacity, ablety to create ,imagine, build , relate, connect,love better that is the
    thing that the STAGNENT economy can not deliver to socioety. And I firmly believe that Baba Ramdevji can
    do it.And if he dose we are not just greatful, we , are a surprised , amazed and stick to Baba Ramdevji and
    his concept like GLUE
    Baba Ramdevji .. Be the middle man ,GODs agent who changes the lives of our country people for
    ever. Be a BOND FOR EVER.
    Chandrakant Gujjar hubli 580032 India. (at San Jose, CA)

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