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October 27, 2017

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Halloween celebrations are now observed in Kolkata, in eastern India, mainly as costume parties and gatherings

Halloween celebrations are now observed in Kolkata, in eastern India, mainly as costume parties and gatherings

Halloween has found its way to Indian cities like Kolkata where several events are lined up for the party-seekers to celebrate.

Though historically traced to an old European custom and largely a festival celebrated in the West, Halloween has increased in popularity over the years in urban India. It is celebrated annually on October 31. Even if trick or treating (that involves door to door visits), hanging and displaying jack-o’-lanterns as well as several other customary traditions as seen in practice across the world are yet to catch up in India, one aspect of Halloween is becoming a favourite- donning costumes for parties. This year, Kolkata, the City of Joy too has come up with a number of events expecting gatherings in costume home parties.

Walking through the historic New Market or Hoggs Market area in the Esplanade in the city, one can find several costume and party accessory shops that have now turned into a spooky theme anticipating hallowed. A vendor, who stocks plastic goods and home accessories shared, “We have brought in skull-shaped decorations, fake fangs – a favourite, as well as some scary masks in addition to our usual offerings.” Another vendor, located on Mirza Ghalib Street, showcased some creative goods. “We have some paper jack-o-lanterns for those who are lazy to carve actual pumpkins.”

A Masters student in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University in Kolkata, who said she will be attending a Halloween themed house party, stated “We are very excited for it. The food is set to be shaped as worms and creepy crawlies and we want to have wine as the main drink.” When asked about what she was going to dress up, she said “I am not sure yet, but maybe the classic witch outfit would work for me. Most people I know are going to dress like celebrities or famous people though, but I think its more fun if its fictional characters and creatures!”

Options galore

Though Halloween is actually celebrated on October 31, several parties and events are scheduled for the 27th and 28th, as Friday and Saturday mean flexible timings and weekends.

For those looking forward to costume parties, places such as Club Boudoir in Shakespeare Sarani, Roxy in Park street and Shisha Bar Stock Exchange are among the many to be organizing Halloween themed parties this weekend for the enthusiastic party people.

For the more relaxed Halloween themed events, one can head to the American Consulate for a film screening on the 28th, or take a ‘spooky’ walk on the 28th morning at South Park Street Cemetery. Little Readers’ Nook will also be organising a Halloween Storytelling Workshop on November 4.



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