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November 10, 2017

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Kolkata has several places to sip on your favourite cup of chai

Kolkata has several places to sip on your favourite cup of chai

The City of Joy, Kolkata is home to several establishments that serve tea as their speciality.

Fondly known as chai, the love for tea can be seen throughout the city in the form of dedicated cafes as well as hundreds of roadside tea stalls where people spend hours sipping the drink. In Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, the love for tea is accentuated by its proximity to a tea growing region that produces the world-renowned Darjeeling tea. Though there are several stalls and chaiwallahs to be found across the city on its streets, there are also tea lounges and restaurants for those who want a variety to choose from. Here are five places in the city to head for tea.

Dolly’s Tea Shop

Among the most recognised tea hangouts in the city, Dolly’s Tea Shop has been entertaining visitors for decades now. Located in the midst of a shopping complex where one can find several handloom and traditional items from all parts of the country, Dolly’s Tea Shop is both a destination in itself and a place to take a rest from all the shopping. One can also purchase a variety of teas here for later consumption, with several variants of the Darjeeling tea being available here.

Karma Kettle

Home to a very large range of teas and tea-based beverages, Karma Kettle is an ideal place to relax and sip tea as the evening goes by. An ambience that has been done up with attention to detail, Karma Kettle has an old world charm to it. This tearoom comes highly recommended to tea lovers in Kolkata, who can settle down with teapots of teas from around the world, or a set of high tea for the added effect.

The Tea Place

The Tea Pace by Majushree, an elegantly designed tea room located in the green neighbourhood of Southern Avenue is a nice place to head for conversation over tea. One can expect to have delicious sandwiches along with their cup of tea as they like, ranging from jasmine to Chinese teas. As the place is slightly more on the expensive side, it is a better idea to head to this place for a special occasion.

Tea Lounge, Peerless Inn

Located amidst a touristy and iconic part of Kolkata, Tea Lounge at Peerless Inn is among the classic places in the city where high tea is the activity to indulge in. Herbal, Assam and Darjeeling teas are available here in addition to some others. Though the establishment is not a large space to itself, it offers an escape from the chaos and activity outside at Esplanade where it is located.

Mrs. Magpie

A local favourite for its quirky, cutesy decor and cupcakes, Mrs. Magpie offers a fun experience for lovers of aesthetic and good tea. Though this place is better known for its hot chocolate apart from its cupcakes, the limited but classic teas on offer are perfect accompaniments. One can spend hours in this colourful joint, sipping tea with scones and the occasional cookie.

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