Five places that serve Japanese food in Kolkata

The taste of Japan in the City of Joy


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May 30, 2017

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Japanese food can be sampled at these 4 restaurants in Kolkata

Japanese food can be sampled at these 5 restaurants in Kolkata

Authentic Japanese food can be found in a number of places in Kolkata, with exclusively Japanese and Asian themed restaurants opening up in the city.

The eastern Indian state of West Bengal has had ties with the Japanese through many aspects of culture, with literature and art topping the list. The capital city of Kolkata is also home to a handful of Japanese Buddhist temples, and the city of Haldia is home to a Japan Town. Many remember Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s tryst with the Japanese with pride. The Bengali people, known for their love of food have also ventured into exploring Japanese food. The City of Joy has a number of Japanese and Asian themed restaurants that delight the taste buds of those looking to dig into a taste of Japan. Here are five restaurants where one can head to explore the cuisine.


Located in the Southern Avenue area of Kolkata where numerous pubs and eateries are to be found, Fuji is a charming place for some wonderful Japanese food. With a modestly priced menu and themed interiors, this restaurant, which has some waitresses dressed in Kimonos is a must visit. Service is good and the staff encourage visitors to learn how to use chopsticks, making it an authentic Japanese experience in the middle of Kolkata.

Sushi Oke

Sushi is the specialty of the place Sushi Oke, located close to the Park Street area of Kolkata, Sushi Oke offers a good taste of Japanese cuisine. With excellent Miso soup besides the well-made sushi, this restaurant is a must visit for Japanese food lovers and those looking to try it out for the first time. This restaurant is also notable for its interiors, which truly transport one to Japan with traditional flower-artwork and seating.


If you are looking for a rather luxurious place to sample some Japanese food,  the restaurant Zen at The Park hotel in Kolkata is a good place to head to. Offering a pan-Asian cuisine on its menu, Zen has several Japanese delicacies on the menu. Sushi according to your preferences is a must-have. The ambience of the restaurant is simple and elegant and the restaurant houses an impressive collection of wines. Head over to the Zen for an indulgent experience in exploring Japanese food.

The Wall

A restaurant that offers Asian cuisines such as Chinese and Japanese, The Wall is a great option for those looking to sample some Japanese food in the city of Joy. With a peaceful statue of the Buddha greeting a visitor, one can expect to have a serene experience at this restaurant. Also located in the Southern Avenue area of Kolkata, The Wall has happy hours discounts available and thus serves as a fun place to hang out and grab some Japanese food.

The Orient

The Orient, with its location towards the Rajarhat side of Kolkata, a fast growing IT hub, is another restaurant to head to for sampling some Japanese food. The restaurant offers numerous Asian cuisines such as Malaysian, Chinese and Thai, apart from Japanese. With classy interiors that are marked by red and black in the City-Center 2 outlet, The Orient is a place to head to on the other side of the city.


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