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May 10, 2017

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The City of Joy caters to a variety of foodies and is home to its own iconic bakeries that offer delicious cakes and other sweet items.

Bengalis are known for their love of food and particularly desserts. Apart from restaurants that offer local dishes or cafés that give a European feel, the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata, in eastern India, also has a number of bakeries. Old and heritage bakeries are present in the city alongside newer establishments. From traditional Christmas cakes to rum balls for dessert, the smell of freshly baked items in these places is sure to bring some joy. Here is a list of four iconic bakeries in Kolkata that visitors to the city must absolutely go to.

Nahoum and Sons

Nahoum is an iconic old school bakery, smack in the middle of the busy Hogg Market in Kolkata, also called New Market. The Jewish bakery dates back over a hundred years. It is always busy and bustling with visitors who get to choose from various baked savoury snacks and sweet items. Favourites remain the Christmas fruit cake and Nahoum’s special cake which is heart-shaped, with stocks running out soon in the day. A visit there, after a busy day of shopping at New Market, comes highly recommended.

The Lalit Great Eastern Bakery

The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel, an iconic colonial-era establishment, has had visitors ranging from writer Mark Twain to Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev. Home to its own bakery, which houses antique items and baking apparatus, the Christmas cake from this bakery has attained legendary proportions. Buttery croissants, Darjeeling Tea and a polite staff can be expected at this bakery. A posh place to indulge yourself in a cake or two, the bakery is a must visit for those in Kolkata.


Flurys is a name that has become synonymous with Kolkata. The iconic bakery, whose original branch is located in the heart of the city’s Park Street, Flurys is known for its breakfast meals and baked goods. Dating back to 1927, Flurys was a colonial-British style tearoom, serving as a meeting space for the elite and affluent. Today, Flurys has branched out to other cities in India too. Head over to have a rum ball, some cakes or snacks as you watch the people of the city in great motion, running around to the nearby offices.

Kookie Jar

Young in age compared to the rest of the bakeries on the list, Kookie Jar is a chain of bakeries around Kolkata that is much loved by its inhabitants. Its mocha biscuit and famous chocolate praline cake are delights to sample. Savoury snacks such as puffs and cheese straws from Kookie Jar also come highly recommended. It has numerous outlets in the city, which means one can stop for a quick bite or carry along the delicious items for the road.

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