‘Healing garments’ showcased at LFW S/R 2017

Luxury meets wellness at the runway


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February 4, 2017

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Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 in Mumbai showcases sustainable and unique fabrics.

Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 (LFW S/R 2017) will be concluding this weekend and has seen a break of focus from the traditional concepts of fashion, with social inclusiveness and sustainable and indigenous garments being incorporated on the programme through both brands and models. With local craftsmen from the Kutch region in Gujarat, artisans from Dharavi and sustainable fashion as a dedicated segment, LFW S/R 2017 saw many unique showcases. One such was designer Reshma Merchant’s ‘non-toxic’ collection, titled ‘The White Rose’.

“With the aim of evolving mindsets and creating a more inclusive conversation around fashion, we have opened our runway to diverse and unconventional models, and are curating some path-breaking shows that will further highlight our commitment to continue the conversation on inclusiveness which we started last season,” Jaspreet Chandok, Head- Fashion, IMG Reliance Ltd, said in a statement.

The designer Merchant showcased her collection of ‘healing garments’ under the label, House of Milk, a boutique lifestyle brand co-founded with Priyanka Lakdawala. House of Milk reportedly collaborated with practitioners of the art of making fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton spun merged with herbs such as neem leaves, aloe vera, turmeric, adhatoda, lavender and jasmine, among several other such ingredients. The collection, The White Rose, took inspiration from nature with motifs of velvety roses, bees and caterpillars, apart from roses and other such inlays, in white and cream palettes.

Ayurveda in fashion

“With our healing garments, we are reviving a 2000-year-old craft and we will be presenting a very sophisticated, luxurious, one-of-a-kind healing collection,” Merchant said in a statement. As stated by House of Milk, the collection takes its foundations from an Ayurveda tradition wherein fabric undergoes a ‘detoxification’ process. “A cosmopolitan wellness brand by nature, House of Milk is a fluid brand that we have created to bring together people who are well-travelled, have a refined aesthetic and hearts as big as the ocean,” Merchant states on the brand’s website.

While the practice of dyeing clothes with natural elements such as vegetable extracts and herbs has been practiced in India and parts of the world, the concept of understanding the effects of such a process on a spiritual level hasn’t played a great part in high fashion.



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