Anganwadi workers in Delhi stage May Day protest for better wages

Protestors accuse Delhi government of turning deaf ear to long standing demands


May 2, 2022

/ By and / New Delhi

Hundreds of anganwadi gathered at Jantar Mantar on May 1 to reiterate their long-pending demands for better pay and working conditions on occasion of international workers day in New Delhi.

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On May 1, over 500 anganwadi workers gathered at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to protest against the government by shouting slogans and demanding revision of wages along with pensions and provident fund.

Prior to the protest at Jantar Mantar, the workers had planned a rally from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar. Though they had been given permission, the workers allege that the police withdrew the permission at the last minute which ferried them to Jantar Mantar and allowed them to protest there.

The workers say they have been seeking better wages and working conditions for years and though the government has not yet acceded to their demands, they remain determined to continue the protest until their demands are met.




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