Assam Tourism launches scheme to promote homestays

Amar Alohi scheme offers 90 pc capital subsidy


March 4, 2024

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Assam Tourism launches scheme to promote homestays

Assam Tourism have launched a programme to promote community tourism

In a bid to promote rural and community tourism, Assam Tourism Department has launched Amar Alohi rural home-stay scheme that offers large capital subsidies.

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Assam Tourism Development Corporation Limited (ATDC) has launched a programme to promote community tourism in the state with incentive and subsidy schemes to attract participation from the people.

In a press statement, ATDC says that it has begun distribution of sanction letters for its rural home-stay scheme, Amar Alohi, that aims to enhance homestay facilities and provide self-employment opportunities for educated youth in rural and semi-urban tourism-potential areas.

The tourism department adds that the Amar Alohi Rural Home-Stay Scheme, will provide substantial support to a 10-member community-based tourism organisation and beneficiaries will receive a 90 pc capital subsidy for constructing new homestay units in 10 households, significantly enhancing local infrastructure and tourism facilities.

Additionally, the scheme will offer a promotional subsidy covering 50 pc of the total promotional cost to boost visibility and marketing efforts, attract more tourists, and stimulate local economies.

As part of the scheme, the distribution of the first letters was recently organised in Guwahati. The event witnessed the presentation of sanction letters to five prominent organisations, including the Dima Hasao Adventure Association and the Umswai Valley Green & Clean Protection Committee, among others. These organisations represent a broad spectrum of Assam’s geographical and cultural diversity, says the tourism department.

Kumar Padmapani Bora

Speaking at the event, Assam Tourism Minister Jayanta Mallabaruah highlighted the transformative impact of the scheme on local communities. He emphasised that the scheme will not only provide economic benefits to the beneficiaries but also enrich the tourism experience for visitors by offering authentic local hospitality.

“A group of a minimum of 10 homestay units formed into a community tourism organisation near various tourist spots were considered eligible applicants for this scheme. These units were established to promote tourism activities within the local community providing accommodation and hospitality services to tourists while ensuring the active involvement and participation of the local community,” says Kumar Padmapani Bora, Secretary, Tourism, and Managing Director of ATDC.



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