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November 27, 2017

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Shop for local spices after an aromatic tour at the spice park

Shop for local spices after an aromatic tour at the spice park

Spice up your travel routes by visiting these spice plantation destinations for a natural detox with a hint of luxury.

Spice plantation destinations are in vogue

Spice plantation destinations are in vogue

India is the land of spices and Indians are known for their penchant for spicy foods. From chilli, mustard, clove, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon to nutmeg, whole spice and saffron, India grows it all. Indian spices are known for their myriad therapeutic abilities. Spices not only add to the flavour of our favourite bowl of curry but also aid in digestion, provided consumed in moderation.

We have listed five spice plantation destinations for an aromatic tour with a whiff of commerce and culture.


1. Saffron Plantations, Jammu & Kashmir

The condition of Jammu & Kashmir is conducive to saffron cultivation in India. Saffron is one of the costliest spices and India is its leading exporter. Truth be told, Kashmir is viewed as one of the most noticeable developing spots of saffron throughout the world. Kashmiri saffron has been developed for generations – about 2,500 years in the fields of Pampore close to Srinagar. The aroma and vibrant colours of the Kashmiri saffron, growing efficiently in the Pampore soil, makes for an enthralling sight.

2. Anakkara, Kerala

Located in the Sylvan Hills of Western Ghats, Anakkara spice plantations in Kerala is breathtakingly beautiful. Set amidst the hills and valleys, this spice plantation is managed skilfully and under close observations. The vast plantations of Anakkara span over a larger area compared to most native vegetation. They also couple as significant tourist destinations and cultural getaways. One of the most produced spices here is the infamous cardamom that has a rich variety of flavour, fragrance and consistency. The hilly area is a picturesque setup, offering a bird’s eye view of the neighbouring plains.

3. Munnar, Kerela

Yet another beautiful spice plantation destination in Kerala, Munnar is one of the most prominent spice plantations-cum-tourist destinations earning Kerala, the tag of ‘Queen of Spices.’ A part of the Spice trail in the state, over 12 genres of spices are cultivated in Munnar. These include garlic, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and clove. Revellers are allowed to touch and taste the spices being grown here while soaking in the refreshing aroma of the region.

4. Keri, Goa

Goa is better-known for everything fun and hippie and not to forget the long stretches of beautiful beaches. However, Goa also has beautiful spice plantations that double up as tourist destinations; one such being the Tropical Spice Plantation in Keri. The serene beauty of this gigantic plantation enveloped by the elements of lush vegetation has captured the attention of the tourists over the decades. Goa also has its very own spice plantation tour that is offered to its spice enthusiast visitors.

5. Tamil Nadu

One of the major spice cultivating and exporting states of India, Tamil Nadu is renowned for growing a variety of spices, from organic chilli powder, black pepper, turmeric, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and ginger. Thoothukudi, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, Sivagangai, Virudhunagar and Thirunelveli districts are some of the major spice cultivating areas and destinations in the state. Chilli cultivated here is the largest variety of spice exported from India. Tamil Nadu with its colossal plantation areas has come forth as a major exporter of Indian spices across the globe. It also has a dedicated spices park, namely the Sivagangai Spices Park, set up by the state government.

The medicinal value of Indian spices has been disputed over the world for centuries before finally agreeing on the therapeutic abilities of the same. So, if you are an ardent lover of spices or a budding Indian chef, you know the places to be flagged on your virtual map. Happy spice hunting!






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