The international camel festival in Bikaner

Witness the riot of colours in the barren land



January 19, 2019

/ By / Bikaner, Rajasthan

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Every year, during the month of January, Bikaner in the northern state of Rajasthan, organizes the  splendid Camel Festival highlighting its culture, customs and traditions for the people to witness something extraordinary.

The Camel Festival of Bikaner is truly a treat to the eyes for the visitors, who throng in thousands in the town of Bikaner. The procession from Junagarh Fort, which reaches at Karni Singh Stadium where several activities like, camel racing, camel milking, Rajasthani folk dance, army band performance, camel fur or hair cutting competitions, henna design making, camel decoration, and various activities are arranged to make the event full of activities.

This festival  is a tribute to the Ship of the Desert – the camel, which is not only a source of transportation but also holds the symbol of status and generates livelihood for the people in the state of Rajasthan. Bikaner was the only known breeding region of camels, in Rajasthan during ancient times. Hence the locals bring their cattle for trade and breeding every year.

The colourful festival 

Bikaner, exhibits its colours in full swing during the festivity. The town is known for its ancient and grand forts, because of which thousands of tourists visit the place throughout the year. With its multi-hued ritualistic customs, Bikaner invites huge gathering from across the globe to witness this unique festival. The sleepy desert town comes to life with its  various folk dances like Gair Ghoomar, Ghoomar, or Bhavai dance, brightly adorned camels and more.

The festivity starts with the march of gorgeously adorned camels, with vibrant colours of Rajasthani traditional embroidered cloths, jewellery and fixtures and some camels with fur or haircuts giving them a tattooed look.

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